Welcome to the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative - an open access Fine Print workshop offering a high standard of printmaking facilities.

OPC is a non-profit organization, and benefitted, in 2008, from donations totalling £1,550 from the following Oxford colleges, All Souls, Christchurch, Jesus, Magdalen, Merton, St Johns, Trinity and University College. The workshop is entirely self-sufficient and currently receives no other core funding.

The workshop is run by an elected management committee who meet regularly to discuss workshop matters and make decisions. Day to day work is maintained by three paid technicians, Catriona Brodribb, Morna Rhys and Andrea Hewes. They have experience in most print processes and are more than happy to advise on technical matters, they also handle general administrative matters.

All the images on this site are copyright of their respective creators. Reproduction of images is strictly forbidden unless permission in writing has been obtained from the artist.

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